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Kat Carson has been teaching singing privately for the last eight years, is a vocal teacher for the DGAI Music School Amsterdam and acts as vocal coach to the Wazzup Singers.

Kat is also a founder of Stichting The Cauldron, where she is the vocal coach for all their musical theatre productions, through which she runs weekly group vocal lessons. Book your spot at those here.

In addition to teaching singing technique, she has also run several educational programmes in schools; in 2014 she ran a highly successful project with three Brighton schools that introduced the children to Early music and raised over 1000 pounds for the charity Music For Youth. She also works regularly with the BREMF Community Choir on various projects..

She is currently accepting new students, and is teaching both from her home in Amsterdam and online via Zoom.

Robin says: “I've had weekly singing lessons from Kat for about 3 years and I couldn't wish for a better teacher. My technique and my confidence have strongly improved due to Kat's lessons. I highly recommend Kat to anyone who would like to improve their singing or wishes to overcome their performance anxiety.”

Nadege says: “Kat taught me rhythm, which I thought was impossible, in a few months. She manages to make singing techniques and music theory intuitive and accessible to anyone and she is an amazing person with whom it's always a pleasure to learn to sing!”


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