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    Nymphes et Monstres is a musical collective that seeks to bring French Baroque music to a new audience by incorporating storytelling, poetry, movement and artworks into their performances.

    They made their first steps in a collaboration with Studio MAPA Nederland, where they explored and developed the movement/staging style that is integral to their performances. Since then, they have performed in major venues such as the Rijksmuseum, Utrecht Early Music Fringe Festival, MA festival Brugge, and for former Queen of the Netherlands Queen Beatrix at Paleis Het Loo.

    The collective was founded by four musicians; Kat Carson (soprano, England), Dorota Matejová (traverso, Slovakia), Yotam Haran (cello, Israel) and Punto Bawono (theorbo and lute, Netherlands), with a passion for the repertoire. The collective has a mission to introduce this music to a wider audience by showcasing it alongside drama, dance and other theatrical elements that are more accessible to theatregoers.

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“We got off to a great musical start to this special year with a spellbinding performance from the ensemble Nymphes et Monstres. This international quartet, based in Holland and led by Brighton young singer, Kat Carsen, treated us to a wonderfully imaginative programme communicated with energy and a high level musicianship.”
(Pyecombe News, 850 Celebrations March review)

“This captivating performance by the talented Nymphes et Monstres presented a unique blend of musicianship and choreographed presentation, appealing to music specialists and non-concert goers alike.”

“It invited and drew the audience into the very heart of the music itself; we all became the performance!”

“The consummate skill and artistry of voice and instruments created a magic and wonder of its own. This was a performance to remember!”

Nymphes & Monstres

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