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    As well as her work as a singer, Kat Carson has experience in both modern and historical acting techniques, and is an active member of the Dutch Historical Acting Society.

    This experience has given her a great deal of control over the pitch and emotional quality of her voice. She has been employed by the language school Uitgeverij Deviant for the past two years; here, her ability to adapt the speed and clarity of her reading, as well as to perform various characters has been very useful.

    Additionally, her storytelling work with her band The Wandering Bard has given her experience in narration and bringing fantastical tales to life. You can hear her voice on the podcast CPI: Cryptid Paranormal Investigators and also on the recently released short film Oh What a Beautiful Simulation!. Kat is currently available for a range of voice acting and acting work.

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    What A Beautiful Simulation
    Underpass Production

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    A man grapples with his own incoherence as he begins a trial for a new simulation.

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